What spell kills Bellatrix? [Solved] (2022)

Who can defeat Bellatrix Lestrange?


When Bellatrix attacked one of her children, she used language previously unknown in the series and blasted Bellatrix into shards out of green nothing. Molly Weasley proved her skills by taking out Voldemort's second in command, and if given the chance she would do it again.... read more ›

What spell killed Voldemort?

Harry was so in love with the spell that he ended up using it to finish off Lord Voldemort. Here's how Harry's relationship toLet's drivebecame his signature - and why that's good and bad.... read more ›

What spell killed Sirius?

Sirius gets hitBellatrix' Curse, and his stunned body bends into the air and levitates through the archway and disappears behind the veil. Harry expects Sirius to reappear on the other side, but he never does.... see more ›

Does Molly kill Bellatrix with Avada Kedavra?

No, we don't know what spell Molly used to defeat Bellatrix, but it certainly wasn't Avada Kedavra. Whatever spell she cast, it didn't disintegrate Bellatrix either.... continue reading ›

What is Bellatrix afraid of?

During a Defense Against the Dark Arts class at Hogwarts, a boggart reveals her greatest feara vision of the cloth-wrapped baby sinking into the abyss.... see more ›

Who is stronger Harry or Bellatrix?

5/10HARRY CANNOT STRIKE: Bellatrix Lestrange is a child prodigy

Despite his anger and heartache, Harry doesn't have what it takes to defeat Bellatrix. Bellatrix is ​​Voldemort's most loyal and powerful Death Eater of all, and she exacted many sacrifices in Voldemort's name.... read more ›

What is Dumbledore's strongest spell?

firestorm. Firestorm was a spell that created a large ring of fire around the caster's wand. This spell is one of the last and most powerful spells Albus Dumbledore cast using the Elder Wand before his death.... read more ›

What is the most hurtful spell in Harry Potter?

The Crusade Curse ('Das Kreuz')

The second Unforgivable Curse, Cruciatus, causes such excruciating pain that when Voldemort cast it on Harry, it was "so intense, so consuming, that he didn't know where he was..."... view details ›

Can Snape defeat Bellatrix?

Bellatrix would be the top bunch of witches and wizards of all time based on powers, but her reliance on the same moves and lack of wit means she would be defeated by Snape after giving him an initially difficult time.... see details ›

Who is mightier Bellatrix or Voldemort?

Bellatrix acted as Voldemort's second in command, but at the end of the day she was just as powerful as he was. The difference between Bellatrix and Voldemort is that the Dark Lord used his power to fulfill his ambition and quest for immortality.... view details ›

Which curse kills Bellatrix?

Thatkill curseleads to a life sentence in Azkaban. She blew them up with a lesser curse. Before you ask, Harry wouldn't have been prosecuted for using it on Voldemort. He was the enemy of the wizarding world and those who didn't side with him wanted him killed any way they could.... continue reading ›

Who is stronger, Hermione or Bellatrix?

Although Hermione is the smartest witch of her age,Bellatrix far surpasses them when it comes to magic, be it dueling skills or knowledge of the Dark Arts. If Hermione was going to duel Bellatrix, then she should at least practice the Unforgivables, especially Avada Kedavra.... continue reading ›

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