Can you the mass ban from discord? (2023)

Can you prohibit several people on discord?

As highlighted in the comments,You cannot enter or forbid several users with one command in diskord.pyHowever, they can always write their own functions that deal with it.

How do I prohibit all members on the discord?
  1. Download Python 3.7 or 3.6:
  2. Perform this command: Python3 -M PIP install
  3. Perform this command: Python
  4. Bot invited to the servers, from which you want to ban members.
  5. Wait until the ban is finished, do not close the terminal.

Can Discord ban a whole server?

One of them is prohibited by discord.There are different types of prohibitions on discord. The first is a server ban, which means not being able to access a specific community serverThe second is a disking -wide ban in which you cannot access any Discord's services.

Are Discord bans IP bans?

This means that you prohibit you from your internet access, your device and your location. All bans on discord are IP bans.

How long take Discord bans?


The ban will be permanent until a moderator improves the user.However, bots can be used to temporarily prohibit a user. There are 2 different types of prohibitions: Kick The user's account is removed from the server, but you can join again if you want.

How do I prohibit the discord quickly?


Ban someone on the discord,Right-click this user in the member list of your Discord server.Click on Ban [your username].

Can you forbid someone on the discord without joining himself?

1. confirmed by Discord API employee thatA user cannot be forbidden if not stored by the serverThis means that the ban on someone before entering the server does not work at BOTS. This works if the user is stored on the server or has gone on the server at a certain point in time.

How many demonstration warnings can you get?

Green reasons for green prohibitions are obtainedThree warnings within a weekTo qualify for a silent, and two courage within a week before a chat moderator took further measures with a daily ban.

How do I avoid the IP ban from discord?

Sure, it is easy to be blocked by a Discord server, but it is almost as easy to be unlocked by using a VPN.Provide. Visit nordVPN.

What is an IP ban?

January 2022) IP address blocking or IP ban isA configuration of a network service that blocks the requirements of hosts with certain IP addresses. The IP address is usually used to protect against Brute -force attacks and to prevent access by a disruptive address.

Can someone see if they ban them on the discord?

The good thing is that if a discord user is forbidden or excluded for a certain reason, because this is the case because this is the caseThe person receives a notificationThis notification is sent when a server moderator activates the function for this type of notification.

Can you step the owner of a Discord server?

No, the owner of the discord has any permissionAnd even if you have no roles or a role below than you, you still have all permissions.

How do you step in time?

Open the list of members of the channel by tapping the two-person symbol on your screen. Search and tap the member you want to step out of the channel. The selected member has its user settings on the screenKick, which is located directly under the "administrative" header.

Can Discord servers see your IP?

Please note:Discord never shares your IP address with other users. Sales actors may send malicious links such as IP -Grabber or other fraud to get their IP address. Never click on unknown links and be careful when sharing your IP address with someone.

Is the ban on an IP right?

No, it is not legal to block IP addresses.

Prohibits discord vpn?

To answer your question, you will not be banned again when the VPN is switched off.If you are forbidden by a server you can now deactivate the VPN, and Discord moderators cannot see your IP address so that you ...

How long prohibit the IP ban on the last discord?

If the user does not register in his account within his account2 weeksThe IP address is removed from the Server Ban lists, but as soon as you register, the IP address you use in this account will be added to the ban on each server in which you have been banned.

Can MEE6 prohibit everyone?

Yes, you can kick/prohibit you. Or use a discord bot like Dyno or Mee6. Another option is cutting.

Who can revoke bans on discord?

Unlessa moderatorDecides to remove a member, there is no way to do it yourself, but a forbidden member can reach the server moderator, apologize for everything this person has forbidden and hope that you cancel the banHowever, they are that this is only possible if the moderator did not block them.

Can Discord ban you for inappropriate PFP?

It is often used by players because it is easy to communicate about it during the game sessions. For context:Discord was incorrectly IP ban from people to change their PFP or anything in their profileDo not change your profile picture for the time being and spread this.

Does Discord prohibit people who change their PFP?

Conversation. For the context: Discord was incorrectly IP ban from people to change your PFP or anything in your profile, do not change your profile picture for the time being and spread this.

Is the police investigate?

Discord works with law enforcement authorities in cases of immediate danger and/or self -harm, in accordance with 18 U.S.C.§ 2702. We report child abuse material and the users who are responsible for the national center for missing and exploited children.

Is Discord monitored?

Discord does not monitor DMS, and they are not finally encrypted. Users can send files, photos, voice messages, videos and other content together via DMS.

What happens if you click the Discord logo 15 times?

I do not agree with you

To activate it, click the Discord logo.Danach in the upper left corner in the upper left corner,A cool "Discordo" folding effect will playIf you would rather deactivate this function every time the app is opened, you can deactivate it by clicking the Discord logo for fifteen times.

What is a poison ban?

I think you are banned from poison (partly IP ban)The player's account and other accounts associated with the player's IP are deleted and new account creations are deactivated. This can happen if a user violates the terms of use or the federal law.

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